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When you Can't Mount Keyboards Under the Desk

Also Ergonomic For Sight (Hunt & Peck) Typists
"It's OK, You are the Majority"

"In a Perfect World, we would all be touch typists, typing  100 WPM and we could mount our keyboards on articulating keyboard trays under the desk, so that the keyboard is at or below the elbow height as OSHA and most ergonomists recommend."

OSHA recommended Keyboard placement

Picture from OSHA site showing the "ideal" keyboard position.

For Touch Typists - high speed, typing intensive users, Keynamics recommends that you follow OSHA's guidelines for keyboard placement.

The majority (48 - 95%)* of computer workers are not touch typists.

Furthermore, many desk configurations prevent mounting an articulating keyboard platform or keyboard tray under the desk.

*Sources: Tactus Keyboards,,  Xpert Keyboard
Sight Typists Challenges

Sight (hunt and peck) typists must continually look at the keyboard to control finger placement and accuracy, then look back up again at the screen, causing neck flexion.

  This constant up and down flexion of the neck can result in discomfort & Muscoskeltal Disorders.

Sight Typists

Moving the keyboard higher closes the gap between the keyboard and the screen.

Front to back keyboard angle allows easy viewing of the keys.

Furthermore, reclining brings the keyboard closer to the "line of sight" to the screen.  Reclining also supports the spine

The end result is that, only the user's eyes have to move up and down, to go between the keyboard and the screen.  Therefore, eliminating the constant up and down flexion of the neck.

Note: Moving the keyboard higher presents challenges to maintaining proper wrist postures.  Be sure all users realize that they must maintain wrists that are straight and "in-line" with the forearm.  This can be accomplished by adjusting the chair.

Proper wrist placemnet

Users must use a palm rest in conjunction with the keyboard on the Keynamics Keyboard Holder.

The palm rest should only be used for resting the hands in a flat neutral posture, in between bursts of typing activity.

Goldtouch Keyboard Holder

The patented Keynamics Keyboard Holder works well with any standard "flat and square" computer keyboard.

However, Keynamics recommends that the keyboard tray be used with the Goldtouch ® - Adjustable Angle Split Keyboard.  This is the ideal computer keyboard to use with the Keynamics Keyboard tray.

-Reduces bending of the hands to the side (Ulnar Deviation)

-Eliminating the numeric keypad provides a more symmetrical design, promoting correct centering of the computer keyboard, directly in front of the user

-The tenting effect reduces forearm pronation (see home page)

-Keyboard angle allows sight typists to easily view the keyboard

-Ideal "footprint" for the keyboard platform


*Keynamics is a Goldtouch ® Keyboard reseller.  Please see the "How To Buy" page for orders.
Stand Keyboard Holder
Goldtouch Cantileverd Keyboard Holder

2 Positions of the Keynamics Keyboard Holder

While using the "On Top" position, the keyboard holder can be wheeled around the desk.  This maximizes desk space and creates efficiency for reading and writing tasks.

Two user positions promote frequent changes in working position, as OSHA recommends.

Standard Keyboard Holder
Goldtouch Keyboard Holder

Goldtouch ® Keyboard

Standard Keyboard

Goldtouch ® Overhead

Neck Flexion caused by a Sight Typist using the "recommended" Keyboard Position

Keyboard Holder On Top of the Desk

Keyboard Holder Cantilevered off the Edge

Infinite Positions

Customizable Comfort

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Keynamics Recommends the Goldtouch Keyboard when using the patented Keynamics Keyboard Holder for Sight (Hunt & Peck) Typists.
The Keyboard Holder provides better ergonomics for sight typists or when you can't mount a keyboard under the desk.
* Please use a wrist rest when using the Keyboard Holder *

* Ergonomists Recommend a Headrest when reclining *

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